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We the OKIRA Healthcare Private Limited formed the company on 28th February, 2017 with 2 Board of Directors.We are an information technology based Healthcare Consultancy and Service Company, working on Digitalization of Indian Healthcare industries & project certified by IIM Kolkata as start-up company. Present activities are in West Bengal, Bihar, Tripura, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan.

Within 6 months we aim to spread out in Tamilnadu, Kerela, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh, Telengana, Punjab, Delhi, Hariyana, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand states.


Low cost Health Care

To provide the lowest cost Healthcare Information of any medical and healthcare services in nearby area and available best discount on every service

Health in Hand

We are Providing the largest Private Healthcare organisation's information Network including ... Hospitals,Nursing Homes, Diagnostics, Pathology, Medicin shop, etc.. upto municipality/ Panchayat Level, through mobile App by which our Members can get all information within 3 minutes.

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Digitalization of Indian Healthcare

We are doing an online directory of Indian Private Healthcare Industries upto panchayet level. ... Thus the required data can be accessed by any of our members any time by paying only Rs. 1.29/- per day (Rs.399/- + 18% GST p.a. for four members of a single family)

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On Call Doctor service

We are providing Online on call Doctor services in association with Doc Online Consulting Private limited Company as Joint Venture mode.


Why wait to see a doctor, when there doctors are waiting to see you? The next time you or a loved one needs to consult with a doctor, have the doctor called you. At home. At your convenience. Just visit the app and click doc on call!

First 50 Calls are FREE
Worth INR 10000/-

Including 10-25% discount on hospital bill, upto 60% on pathology, upto 20% on Radiology, upto 22% on Medicine, above 30% on ophthalmic store


Low Cost Health Insurance

Low cost Health Insurance as Group insurance scheme and arrange 25-30%... discount on family Mediclaim policy with any National level Insurance Company

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Home delivery Medicine

This will be on Joint Venture mode with Corporate Pharma Companies

Home service Pathology

This will be on Joint Venture mode with a Corporate Diagnostic Companies.

Medical Information Center city wise

To provide details of Healthcare information including hospitals, operation procedure, infrastructure, direct contact with doctors, profile of doctors, best rate of surgery etc.
Here patient and their relatives can see the original video, tele conference with preferred doctor / hospitals

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Can tie-up with us free of cost !

Hospital / Nursing Home
Pathology, Diagnostic, Radiology
Other Services


Other than health and monetary benefits. It has social benefits to enter. Our Aim is to offer the work to current jobless youth. OKIRA Healthcare has come up with an idea of profiting youth by giving them employment with health benefits.

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